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May 14, 2022

5 Benefits of our Learning Management System

5 Benefits of our Learning Management System
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Classimize is an end-to-end online learning management tool for Tutoring businesses and Schools. We worked closely with teachers and students to understand their pain points when it comes to learning. Our product is a result of in depth testing and refinement over two years. While we have a full suite of useful tools in our software, below are just five we wanted to highlight and talk about.

So let’s begin…

#1 — Everything’s in One Place 🌎

That’s right, everything. As a teacher, this means all of your learning resources, assignments, homework, notes, calendar key dates and more. The best part is, it’s all organised. We make sure any new lessons are created within titled folders. When the year is over, all the lesson resources remain in your folders and become available to new students that are assigned to your class. With our extra layers of security, you can access this from anywhere in the world, so no restrictions when it comes to teaching.

Classimize — to classify information in an organised manner

#2 — Assign and Teach Lessons Instantly ⚡️

We’ve built an easy and intuitive way of teaching students. Teachers can simply create a lesson, and schedule it to their students timetable. They can also hit the video icon to schedule live interactive lessons alongside the learning material set. Students simply click into their lesson from their planners, and start learning. It’s that simple…

#3 — Share Lesson Resources 🤝

Research showed that many Schools believe in collaborative teaching. That’s why we’ve made it possible to share lesson cards with other teachers in a click of a button. You get notified instantly and are able to filter through and select only the resources you need. We make sure your folders remain neat and organised, so you can categorise any shared lessons into a dedicated place.

Share lessons with Classimize

#4 — Track Student Performance 📈

Monitor class as well as individual student performance quickly through your dashboard. See at a glance the average performance over a term and compare previous weeks with the current. You’re also able to export this data and share it with parents, in order to evaluate their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Track performance of students

#5 — Mark and Analyse ✅

With Classimize, you have access to a range of different question types when creating assignments and quizzes. From multiple choice, paragraphs and algebra to diagram questions where students can even draw. We try our very best to provide the most effective space to help your students learn beyond the classroom.

But that’s not all…

We understand your time is valuable and so we wanted to limit this article to just five benefits. But that’s not all, we have many more such as monitoring student expression, messaging features, auto-marking, the list goes on! Why not arrange a quick phone call with one of our friendly advisors that can tell you more about Classimize?

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