Take control of your teaching style.

Curate your own lesson content, schedule and host live lessons and monitor your students growth over time.

Scale your tutoring business, with Classimize.

Classimize allows you to categorise students into groups, assign them pre-planned lessons and monitor their performance in real-time. You can also host live lessons at no extra cost.

Admin Portal

Manage all your students and teachers from one place. Create tailored subjects. Monitor student performance.

Teacher Portals

Organise your lesson content in line with your teaching style. Assign to students and save time in many ways.

Student Portals

Live feedback and results. Get notifications on overdue tasks. Revise from your lesson bank during exams.

Admin portal

Import teachers and students into your school or subject area. Monitor their overall performance and export data in time for student reports.

Teacher portal

Our portals are driven by teacher feedback, and entail time-saving tools that help reduce their workload.

Student portal

Students can simply log in and begin learning. All their lessons are organised in their dedicated space.

Complete, submit and receive results for Classwork and Homework
See your subject growth over time based on real-time data
Get access to your smart career dashboard to provide guidance and pathways
maximise your teaching

Tutor Pricing

Our pricing models are suitable for a range of business sizes.
From micro to giga and beyond.


Take control of your students with our Tutor package.
Up to 50 Students

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We've discounted the price even more for medium scale tutors.
Up to 250 students

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Larger than that? You're in the right place.
Up to 500 students 

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“Fantastic, this product has really helped our team and business get to market”
Oktay Shahbaz
Founder of Bright Minds
“Fantastic, this product has really helped our team and business get to market”
Charu Agarwal
Teacher, North East England
“Fantastic, this product has really helped our team and business get to market”
Yasmin Kelly
Teacher, United States

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